[CULTURE] Taiwanese Animation movie “On Happiness Road” shortlisted for Academy Awards (Oscar)

The Taiwanese Animation Movie “On Happiness road” is among the 25 films shortlisted for the Animated Feature Film category of the  91st Academy Awards.


The bittersweet movie, directed by Sung Hsin-yin (宋欣穎). is perfect to learn more about Taiwan’s history and society. It follows the life of Lin Hsu Chi, a Taiwanese woman born in 1975 who moves to the U.S.

She later rushes back to Taiwan after her grandmother death. There she shares and go through her memories as child in the late 80s in a modest area of Taiwan which was just emerging from the dictatorship and begins to question the meaning of happiness.

Chi lives in the USA where she settled in pursuit of the “American dream” after studying in Taiwan. Her beloved grandmother dies and so she goes back in her hometown, where she finds her family, her childhood memories and her neighborhood on Happiness Road. Everything is jostling in her mind: her child memories , the little and the big stories, the bitterness of exile, her career hopes, her American fiancé and her family with some little old-fashioned traditions … And if after all the American dream wasn’t one? Will Chi end up finding herself while she didn’t even know she was lost?

Watch the trailer below:

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