[HISTORY] Taiwan 1967 : US Soldiers on R&R time in Taipei in “Holiday from Hell”

A friend forwarded to me 3 archive videos, titled “Holiday from Hell”. Those are colored films dated from 1967 on the R&R* time of US GI soldiers in Taipei, Taiwan.

During the Korean and Vietnam War, each soldiers were entitled to one week of R&R at one of the location sanctioned by the US. Among those spots accessible starting from the 1960’s was Taiwan (KMT was then still recognized as the legitimate Chinese government by the USA).

The Army paid for the transportation and accommodation, giving it was on the list of  “endorsed” establishment .In the case that the GI remained at an endorsed hotel, he got a voucher to cover the cost. Else, he could go wherever he wanted however needed to pay the bill out of his own pocket.

While touching base at destination, the GIs were instructed by the local USO (United Service Organization) on what to do or not and places to avoid.

*R&R is the military slang for rest and recreation (or rest and relaxation or rest and recuperation), is a term used for the free time of a soldier serving in unaccompanied (no family) duty stations.

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