[HISTORY/PLACES] Taiwan’s National Parks

I wanted to share an aerial video of Taiwan’s national parks extract from the documentary ‘Taiwan National Parks from above’ shot by the late Aerial Photographer and film director, Chi Po-Lin for Taiwan’s Construction and Planning Agency.

Chi Po-Lin was well known for his 2013 documentary “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above”.

This is also a  good occasion for me to go through the history of those Parks.


There are today 9 national parks in Taiwan under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior.

Originaly, three first national parks were created in 1937 under Japanese administration. Daiton National Park 大屯國立公園 (Now Yangmingshan National Park), Nītaka-Arisan National Park 新高阿里山國立公園 (Now Yushan National Park and Alishan National Scenic Area) and Tsugitaka-Taroko National Park 次高タロコ國立公園 (Now Taroko National Park and Shei-Pa National Park).

During Martial law (1949-1987) voices for protecting the environment were suppressed mostly in favor of economic and infrastructure development.


With time and increasing concern, the government released its grip and passed the National Park Law in 1972 after which the new national parks were reestablished starting in 1984 with Kenting National Park. It was followed by Yushan and Yangmingshan National Parks in 1985, Taroko in 1986, Sheipa in 1992, Kinmen in 1995, Dondshan Atoll in 2007, Taijiang in 2009 and finally South Penghu Marine National Park in 2014.

Those parks are under specific regulations such as requiring entry permits for certain area as well as hiking permits.

For more informations on Taiwan’s National Parks:



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